fatpencil said: I looked in the chipset folder, and…well, you know…


You found a secret!

But no worries, I’m working on the game!

I have most pics ready.


Anonymous said: Would it be okay to make an askblog or roleplay blog for Ghost Batter?

Maybe, I was thinking of doing one someday for the (in)famous batter trio.


fatpencil said: Why do feel that the final release is gonna be one helluva a bloodfest? (And probably loaded with more feels in it too...)

How did you know?

But seriously, let’s just say the endings are polarized.

And let’s just say also that I have watched Evangelion, Paranoia Agent and a the ending of Sluggish Morss: Ad Infinitum…


Anonymous said: Which version of RPG Maker VX Ace did you use for your other games (ME, Somnium, Kill the ducky etc.)

Lemme see:

Me, White’s Adventure, ~Absence, Kill the Ducky : RPG Maker VX Ace.

Somnium, Continue/Stop/Rise : RPG Maker 2003


Also I am starting to do the other ending and this will give quite the amount of work. Pictures, pictures and cracks.

And a Zacharie.


meowmeowmeow83 said: all that i can say is that your games are way underrated and much too unknown

I know. Of those, only Me is that well known. And even then, I think they need a lot more of love. I mean, of course I don’t mean to be attention seeking that much but, there’s a lot that I put on these games.

I am thinking of pitching (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha heh) C/S/R to the rpgmaker.net site once it’s done. Don’t know if it’s a good idea, but then again, if they allowed a game that is almost 2 years or so old (Somnium. God I feel so old), they probably will allow C/S/R.

Then again, considering how the quality fluctuates in that site from “Your average rpg/horror game” to things like Gingiva and some other games that I’m not going to mention, I think it will fit in fine.

Sorry, sorry. The conversation just got sideways.

But I’m happy to see that you have enjoyed C/S/R and my other past games. I am halfway doing an ending right now. I hope you look foward to other games I may do in the future.


fatpencil said: What are we to expect for the fourth demo?

The final release?

Here are some vague spoilery descriptions:

  • The Duck returns. Celeste turns into a item.
  • Cartwheels for a short time! And Nintendo 3DS!
  • Someone’s angry…
  • There’s a cave! I call it a cave!
  • Question mark, exclamation point
  • Choices choices
  • The End.
  • Bonus: Alien girls make a birthday/blow shit up
  • Maybe a room with all characters?

Ok, I’m really near the end. But the ending will happen if you make a single choice.


Anonymous said: Hey! In C/S/R, at the part of the train, nothing seems to happen for some time. Must I wait for the train to stop, or is there something one's supposed to do?

Sit near Celeste.


Anonymous said: I have a question. You made the soundtracks in c/s/r, what program do you use to create them?

Yes, I’ve made most of the soundtracks, excluding some songs which came from OFF (Including the Bonus track of the Meat fountains, heard at more or less two places in-game) are done by me.

I used FL Studio 10 to produce them and Audacity to make them loop/cut them, etc.

Some more bonus facts:

Only Early Morning Birds is an actual piece of recording I’ve done in 2012 or so.

Fearful Eyed View uses samples from Pepper Steak.

There Never was an Orchestra and Paranoic Eye View use the same instruments.



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jazzjackalope said: I adore Continue/Stop/Rise. Like HOME and unlike other things, the feels it gives me are GENUINE. I almost cried! Twice! I felt uncomfortable! Twice! It may look different from OFF on the surface, but you really captured the original's essence, the confusion and the difficult life questions.

Thank you. I am putting my best on this game, trying to portray what and how would the Batter feel about things, as well as relationships and quite honestly how things go like. As such, I attempt to make people feel about the characters and to note what happens and why.

That’s because I see OFF with several lens: the literal lens, the lens of the sent creature, the lens of the creator that may not even be there, the mental metaphor lens, the lens of a first-hand witness, etc. All of these put different perspectives and outcomes of a same situation that starts definite then turns into an ambiguous and a very complex situation where there are no correct ones. Everyone is wrong in a way or another. Or just plain mad after finding out what happened.

You see, most fangames I’ve seen often want to keep the world as it is, even though we see exactly why that is not a good idea or the problems that come within. C/S/R is in part, about moving on. Continuing after the whole mess, even if you didn’t want to survive. Even if you’d prefer to continue on an empty void.

But the sun calls forth, and as much as you’d like to keep eating on the painful memories, time goes by, flies and floats on, making them to be there, sometimes painful, sometimes bittersweet, sometimes good. And you go on a new sort of life, unsure how would you adjust, being the way you are, with your ways of thought that you need to abandon and the old you in a way.

I think a good metaphor for C/S/R is a caramel which had been covered with shiny chocolate. It’s still the same caramel that you ate before (OFF). But the chocolate gives a different taste that you may appreciate as much as, even more than, or not at all.

Now, I am doing the final chapter. This will require me to draw maps and all of that, as well as fix any problems, not to count over several issues like the pesky bugs.

Some may say that’s a waste of time, but then again, I could beg to differ.

All in all, I am glad you enjoy my game and hope you feel nice about it.


fatpencil said: Since C/S/R is nearing it's final chapter, I wanted to ask, but are there multiple endings in the game or just one? And also something I forgot to mention in that previous ask. But under that, hoodie of hers does she have a face?(KNO3 that is.)

There are two endings planned with extra scenes (a la the Space Monkeys) if you have the most special card of all: The Crazy Rabbit card! As for KNO3… She maybe has, she maybe doesn’t, but the actual answer is who knows?


fatpencil said: Other than being a mysterious hooded figure who exactly is KNO3? Sorry if this question is well not really that game development related but I just wanted to a bit more about her since I find her to be a interesting character.

Spoilers ahoy.

Read More


Anonymous said: I think I might have hit a bug? I'm playing KtD and I was just about to recruit Emety, except no matter what I did I couldn't leave the map screen on Emety's house. I tried a few times, exited and pulled it back up, and finally it worked. Not sure how something like that could break, but thought you should know.

No, you needed to face DOWN the grass patch.