I am Samuel, but you can call me Sam!

I live alone in a house with my other… well part or so, Immanuel! (I call him Immy, but don’t let him find out, Shhh…)

In some time, I’ll go visit my friends!


고대유물(?) 발ㅋ견ㅋ (화질구지가 출연함 ㅈㅅㅈㅅ) Me 0.01 (그것도 RPG Maker 2k3) 버전 타이틀 화면입니다.

Pictured: Old thing is old.


고대유물(?) 발ㅋ견ㅋ (화질구지가 출연함 ㅈㅅㅈㅅ)
Me 0.01 (그것도 RPG Maker 2k3) 버전 타이틀 화면입니다.

Pictured: Old thing is old.


Anonymous said: In White's Adventure, I'm at a crossroad with dead trees after defeating Gertrude. The issue here is that it loops around. Is there any way to overcome this situation?

Ah, yes, these. A good tip is to listen with your ears. The music changes near the correct path. But the cheat sheet is,

  1. Up
  2. Left
  3. Left
  4. Down
  5. Right
  6. Right
  7. Up

Made some music with a edited SNES soundfont I’ve found lying around. Hence why it sounds like some sort of MIDI.


Top of the morning to you.

I am someone that you might have seen before. Maybe not.

My name is referred to as Boxedman.

I am one of the protagonists, but I don’t know if I should use my colored clothes or not.

(They’re not that good.)

Top of the morning to you.


So, C/S/R has almost 200 DLs in Rpgmaker.net.

Good, good.

And White’s Adventure has 270 DLs! Oh boy!


hanazaki462anime said: I died three times against Omega QAQ Is there a way to make him at least LET ME CHOOSE MY ATTACKS JEGUS But otherwise I love this game :3 If I get motivated enough to try to defeat Omega I'll try again... Also, Ghost Batter is the shit THE shit Keep up the good game making work! (( still haven't finished Me tbh ))

Change from active to waiting in the menu, then in the battle try to use Priority Swing. Increases attack AND Speed.


piratecoves said: plan on making any more games?

Yes, I will. There are several more that I plan to make. I already have a text file with the plans and everything!

I’m already making some small stuff for my next project, tentatively named Dismayed Untitle.

If the name wasn’t taken already, anyway.


Anonymous said: c/s/r is the best off fangame i think ive ever played imo, and ive played ever single one i can get my hands on. the battles are much more challenging than the original game, and it has a lot of original content. and although i might not like the personalities you gave bad batter and ghost batter, i really must applaud you for c/s/r, it must have taken a lot of work to make!

Thank you then. I try to put more gameplay in the games, and I admit, I’ve done quite a decent job in C/S/R, what with the chipsets, and character sets.


hanazaki462anime said: Hey there! I recently downloaded Continue Stop Rise, and when I started the game, this logo (Powered by DynRPG, By Cherry) pops up. If I quit the game, it also disappears, so while I'm fine and dandy with the logo being there... It's also in front of my game screen. And any other window, actually. I'm using RPG Hub since this is on the Mac; do you think that's the problem? I can send you a picture if you want. Please Respond!

This is unusual. While I don’t have a mac, it must be because RPG Hub may not be prepared to run games with the DynRPG patch.


sordid-skeleton said: Hey I absolutely love your game 'Continue Stop Rise' ( I love the weird atmosphere) but I've found myself a bit stuck. How should I go about finding my way out of workforce 1 and into workforce 2?

Do you see Math Factory? The outside? Go left. You’ll see a train. In the train, take the closest seat to the old lady.


Anonymous said: Resetting it worked, thank you!

You are welcome!


Anonymous said: Idk if you're the right person to ask, but I was trying to play Continue Stop Rise and the game either glitched or it was my computer, but I can't go down, it automatically goes up which makes it so I can't do anything. Is there a way to fix this or?

It’s a rather unusual issue, usually chalked up to the engine itself.

Here’s my suggestions (Taken from a wiki):

  1. Try using the arrow keys on the numpad. These can usually regain control of the character.
  2. Reboot your computer.
  3. Turn your computer off for some minutes. Let it cool down, take a breath.
  4. Stay away from RPG Maker games for a while, even after rebooting.
  5. Reinstall RPG Maker (if you’re using it).
  6. Reinstall the RPG Maker RTP of the game you’re trying to play.
  7. Try run the game with your computer in save mode (click run, write administrative tool, click on system configuration, boot, boot options, save boot, and click on active directory repair, reboot your computer). If the problem continue, try to disconnect your computer to internet or try with boot minimal option. Nota: to restore your computer to normal boot, repeat the steps and unmark safe boot.
  8. Unplug peripherals such as webcams and joysticks.

Now, I don’t know which OS are you using, since it may play a part on it.


wavyup said: I want to display some 'pictures' during the battle on RPG Maker 2003, but I can't find it. Only 'battle animation' have a similar function, I presume.

You cannot do that unless you use a particular patch in Dynrpg.

I suggest using Battle animations instead.